Tips for Decorating with Houseplants

Decorating your home with houseplants has all kinds of benefits. While they produce extra oxygen, houseplants are great for minimizing stress or even increasing your productivity levels throughout the day.

If you don’t have green fingers, we suggest you start slowly, with just a couple of plants on side tables in your home, and then gradually increase the number of plants. Regardless of how you want to do it, decorating with houseplants brings freshness to your space, adds purpose to your life, and ensures you have a mini garden to tend all year around.

Now, let’s see how houseplant décor can change the look of your house.

Plants Decorations
Decorating with Houseplants

Start from the light

Don’t forget that houseplants are living things, so our first piece of advice would be to start from the light. Some plants need more or less light exposure. Therefore, it’s necessary to know the plant you are growing and how much light it requires.

Also, make sure to inspect your home and divide it into zones. For instance, you can have low light, medium light, indirect light, bright, and direct sunlight zones. Rooms facing east-facing windows will receive most of the light, while west-facing windows will have the least amount of light.

Evaluate your space

So, after you have identified the available light, it’s time to map how much space you actually have for houseplants. For instance, do you have enough room on the windowsill for a plant? Is your floor space big enough for larger plants? Can you hang some from the ceiling?

Make sure to create a list of plants that will work best for each light zone. In this case, you will avoid purchasing plants that don’t fit in your space.

Select different sizes

Decorating with plants should be easy enough, right? While this is an interesting process, it still demands a bit of your time. However, if you want to avoid making mistakes, then make sure to group together plants with different heights and widths.

This difference in size provides a more organic look than houseplants of the same size, which can appear uniform and slightly bland. Also, don’t forget about different leaf shapes and growth types. For instance, you can combine a fountain-like plant dracaena with photos and a fiddle-leaf fig tree to form an interesting and harmonious arrangement.

Decorate sunroom

If you have a blank space on the wall, make sure to add a mirror. It will reflect the light and create an impression that you have more plants. When your plants get too big, be prepared to downsize them. Usually, cutting the prunes will get them back into their original shape.

It’s crucial to find a balance. This means you shouldn’t pack your room with houseplants; otherwise, it will look untidy and chaotic. Place a couple of containers on a coffee table, maybe two or three of them on a window seat, and match this number with containers that hang from your walls.

Sunroom Decoration
Sunroom Decoration

Decorate bathroom

A bathroom is a synonym for a dark and humid place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a couple of houseplants there. In fact, they significantly enrich this space and provide a new dimension. Considering baths usually have one small, north-facing window, they don’t receive much sunlight.

Therefore, there are a couple of ways to fix this problem. First of all, you can install some grow lights or use sheer window treatments. However, you need to keep bathroom space private, so you will have to install opaque shades after all. In that case, growing light is your best option.

Make sure to place plants as close to the window as possible. Also, choose plants that thrive in a humid environment. For instance, you can place one house plant on top of the cabinet, while the other can go on one of your shelves. Some of the common bathroom plants are Maranta leuconeura, Asplenium nidus, and Calathea spp.

Decorate north-facing nook

Considering privacy isn’t an issue, a sheer curtain or a shade that lets more light in will completely fit a north-facing window. To decorate this space, you can use houseplants like Chinese evergreen or even hang a couple of pots on the walls to take advantage of available light.

On the other hand, you could add a small shelf or plant stand under the window and place a couple of pots there if you don’t have a window sill. In case you have a sill, place a couple of small pots there. You can use houseplants like the ZZ plant or snake plant, which tolerate dim light quite well.

Also, here are a couple of more suggestions you can use for a north-facing nook: Epipremnum aureum, Aglaonema spp., or Zamioculcas zamiifolia. They are all an excellent choice. Using plants in home décor is one of the best decisions you could have ever made.